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Actual Testimonial:

"The best part is that now when I see a piece of paper, it has a perfect home to go to.
Or, in the rare instance it doesn't, I can EASILY create one.
Thank you so very, very much!"
- Milan Solange

Want to get organized but

don't know where to start? Start here!

MyVitalFiles were designed for you!

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Organize Your Financial, Legal, Medical and Personal Documents with MyVitalFiles

Setting up your household files can be overwhelming when you are unclear which documents to keep and where to put them. Without an efficient system, paperwork turn into clutter - consuming valuable time, energy and space. But now we've taken the "work" out of your paperwork!
This is a practical, ready-to-go system that streamlines and demystifies the filing process. Artfull-designed folders are pre-labeled, color-coded and collated alphabetically into intuitive categories. folders are uniquely designed to allow titles to sit above the top edge of a hanging file folder - eliminating the need for plastic tabs and making inserts. Assign one color file to each category - the system automatically aligns all of your labels in categorical groupings. And each of the 80 pre-labeled and 10 unlabeled folders is reversible - with different colors inside and out, for more flexibility.
You can take the system out of the box and use it just the way it is - or use the 44 extra pre-printed labels and 22 blank labels to create your own customized system. Best of all, the ingenious folder design makes it easy to expand categories and add folders to an existing section in correct alphabetical order.


Pre-labeled, color-coded and pre-collated file folders. Just drop them into hanging file folders or a boxand start to file! No assembly required.

MyVitalFiles folders are uniquely designed to eliminate
the need for plastic tabs and inserts.

(Allow 10.75" for clearance if installing into a drawer.)

Easy to read titles in alphabetical order makes
finding and filing a breeze.

We-ve done all the work for you.

MyVitalFiles Home Filing System comes ready to use, is simple to understand and makes it a snap to take charge of your paper organizing process. The MyVitalFiles system is unique, versatile and best of all- looks great too!

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